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Rackenford Village Community Shop Devon

Dear Customer

Changes to the shop services.

The Shop Committee is planning a gradual move towards a more normal shop system and some changes to some shop services, as below.

Several of the volunteers who were able to provide their services during the worst of the Covid-19 outbreak have to get back to work, so the shop will scale down the frequency of deliveries to customers.

We can see from a reduction in sales recently that some customers may be returning to the supermarkets for their groceries, however, we very much hope that customers will continue to support the shop; we hope the last four months have shown just how important it is for the village and community to have the services of our shop.

Bearing in mind that Covid-19 has not gone away, several changes will be in place by 1 August. The key changes to shop services include:


  • A Perspex screen has been fitted to the counter and wall mounted hand sanitisers installed for customers and volunteers, so everyone can clean their hands when entering and leaving the shop.
  • A card reader has been installed at the till to reduce the need to handle cash. However, if a customer does not have a card, the shop will accept cash and give change as necessary.
  • From Saturday 25 July there can be up to two customers in the Shop, providing they are wearing masks. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, an additional two customers will be permitted in the shop at the Post Office counter.
  • Disposable masks will be available to customers for free and reusable / washable masks for £2.50 each.

Credit accounts
Customer credit accounts will be closed on 31 July. However, customers who cannot access the Shop can request to keep their credit account.
Credit account customers will receive a final invoice for purchases to 31 July with a request to pay the balance by BACS, cheque or cash.

The original credit system whereby any regular Rackenford customer can obtain up to £25 of credit is reinstated.

From week commencing 27 July, deliveries to customers will be made on Fridays, provided the order is received by midday the previous Wednesday - email your order to orders@rackenfordshop.co.uk or telephone the shop on 01884 881740.
The full list of the fruit and vegetables available to order and have delivered is here

Deliveries will be available for customers who need to self-isolate, for those who cannot carry a heavy order of groceries or in an emergency.
In order to receive a delivery, please email your request to orders@rackenfordshop.co.uk or telephone the shop on 01884 881740

Prepacked boxes for collection. 
From week commencing 27 July customers can order fruit, vegetables and groceries and collect them from the shop between 3 and 6pm each Friday or Saturday morning between 9am and midday.
To arrange a collection, please email orders@rackenfordshop.co.uk or telephone the shop on 01884 881740 by noon on Wednesday.

The shop will continue to collect prescriptions from Lloyds at Tiverton together with other pharmacy items pre-ordered from Lloyds Marketplace.
Items will available in the shop for collection by customers or delivered to customers who need to self-isolate.

Shop opening hours.
From 27 July the shop will open:
  • Weekdays from 9am to midday and 3 to 6pm except Wednesday (Closed Wednesday afternoon).
  • Weekends. Saturday 9am to midday and Sunday 10am to 1pm. 
Ordered newspapers can still be collected from the newspapers box well before the shop opens.

These changes will make it safer for customers and provide volunteers.

Very best wishes,

The Rackenford Shop Committee

Fresh fruit & vegetables
Rackenford Shop delivers fresh fruit and vegetables to homes in Rackenford
and the surrounding area twice per week.

Simply send your order via email to orders@rackenfordshop.co.uk
Order by Saturday midday. We’ll deliver the following Tuesday
(or collect from the shop between 4- 6pm on Tuesday)
Order by Wednesday midday. We’ll deliver the following Friday
(or collect from the shop between 4- 6pm on Friday)

Rackenford Village Community Shop Devon

from 9am to midday and 3 to 6pm except Wednesday (Closed Wednesday afternoon).

Saturday 9am to midday and Sunday 10am to 1pm.

Rackenford Village Community Shop Devon

Our Post Office facility is available on Tuesday & Thursday 9am to 12pm

Rackenford Village Community Shop Devon

The Cash Machine facility is available at all opening times and there is no charge for using this facility

Rackenford Village Community Shop Devon

Open at most shop times.
Here you will find a fine selection of Beers, Wines and Spirits

  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Off Licence
  • Cigarettes & Tobacco

  • Groceries & Sweets
  • Chilled & Frozen foods
  • Household goods
  • Stationery & Cards

The village is very proud of its community shop which is run entirely by volunteers. The Rackenford Village Shop Company was formed in 2002 to buy, restore and equip the old Church Room as a village shop and Post Office, the existing business, run from a front room, being too small to survive. The £70,000 project was financed with grants and loans, and nearly every Rackenford household subscribed to become members of the company. The RVS made the building available at a below market rent. Five years later the private business was still struggling, and it was decided to run the Shop as a wholly volunteer staffed enterprise. The Rackenford Community Shop has flourished since October 2007, with an outreach sub postmaster visiting two mornings a week. About 30 volunteers deal with ordering, selling, cleaning, the paperwork, the IT and everything else. There is an annual meeting for all members and anyone else interested.

We are constantly looking for additional volunteers so if you would like to help in any way please speak to any of our staff or ring us on the above telephone number.